Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Since as long as I can remember, I had a love of newborn photography. I loved Anne Geddes and the unique take she had on posing and styling newborns and infants in her photography work. Anne Geddes was the original in posing sweet babies in baskets and putting over the top flower bonnets on them. The newborn photographer would, and still does create digital art and pose newborns in a way that almost seems like they fit the shape of a flower or on a leaf. Whimsical editing style, as well as lots of color is what really drew me to Anne Geddes work.

A Newborn Photographer

Never did I think as a child I would grow up to become a newborn photographer myself and have a beautiful studio in Milwaukee. I actually always wanted to be a meteorologist. Turns out I wasn’t too great with math or science HA! It’s funny looking back at my love of Anne Geddes and realizing how far I’ve come within my own newborn photography work. I see a bit of similar aspects to my newborn style as I do with hers. Simplicity is one. I really love to show off the actual newborn within my art. Too many props tend to take over images. Newborns are such sweet little beings, I love using a combinations of neutrals along with soft shades and pastels. I never want the color of my swaddles, and props to overshadow the sweet details of the baby.

milwaukee newborn photographers. a newborn baby boy is sleeping on his belly onto of a cream wood moon prop. there are white and light blue fabrics draped over the moon. the boy has one leg dangling off the blue and the other hand is under his chin. he has his mouth open. the newborn has a cream knit footed romper on with a matching hat. the backdrop is bright white.

Choosing your Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

Choosing your Milwaukee newborn photographer is a big decision. With quite a selection of newborn photographers in Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, and Ozaukee Counties there are a lot of things to think about before booking yours. Professionalism, experience, quality, price point, style, and location are a few to name.


Of course, professionalism is huge when deciding on a newborn photographer. Putting trust in your Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, or Ozaukee photographer that they are following all protocols especially for newborn safety is number one. I’ve been trained by prominent newborn photographers across the country to ensure my safety and work ethic is top notch. From newborn posing, to composite images using different props. Sometimes what is seen on a photographer’s portfolio isn’t a single image, but a few images photoshopped together. My newborn clients can also rest assured, I am also fully insured. Sadly many newborn photographers in Southeastern Wisconsin are not.


Years of experience is a good way to determine the professionalism and quality of your newborn photographer. I have been in business, photographing those sweet little ones for over 14 years! Not only did I fall in love with photography in high school, I went on to college to learn about lighting techniques and digital tools I use in my photography today. Having an experienced photographer is very important. Knowing your photographer can pivot during the session if something goes wrong so your photography session goes smoothly will make for much less stressful session! I have experienced so many different non-ideal instances from over the years, I know how to handle it all! From worried older siblings, lighting malfunctions, and editing composite images to create a perfect shot is something all second nature to me. For more visit, my About Me page!


Of course quality is another big topic to discuss when choosing your Milwaukee newborn photographer. Looking over a photographer’s reviews, portfolio, and social media is the best way to determine the photographer’s quality of work. If all of their newborn images are consistent with each other, it’s a sure fire way to tell how the quality is. Lighting, and editing style can fluctuate with a professional photographer over the course of several years. However, it should not fluctuate from one newborn session or gallery to the next.

Newborn Style and Location

Newborn style and location. Every client has a newborn portrait style they fall in love with! Some Milwaukee newborn photographers use very deep dark tones, while other’s are bright and airy with their props. Studio newborn photographers offer more of a posed and clean session with a skill set that photographers who have a natural in home style don’t often use. My newborn photos are definitely on the bright and airy side, with a touch of whimsical. I absolutely love using lots of neutral creams and whites, along with pops of soft pastel colors. My newborn portraits are all very consistent as these are done in my Milwaukee studio, in the Bay View neighborhood. As mentioned earlier in the post, I like to keep things simple so the focus stays on the newborn. Using too many props can take away from sweet little details of my tiny newborns.

Price Point

Price point with Milwaukee newborn photography goes hand and hand with everything I talked about in this blog post. Depending on a photographer’s professionalism, experience, quality, newborn style and location will determine the photographer’s rates. Those Milwaukee photographers with physical studio locations to provide the upmost experience for their sessions, have much higher costs than photographers who don’t. Overall a photographer who has been in business, and is very experienced will have a higher price point as well. Generally the pricing of a Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, and Ozaukee photographer is a tell tale sign of a professional photographer, or a photographer who is just starting out. For my session fees visit HERE, however for my full pricing all client’s must fill out my contact form HERE!

Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

The images below are a combination of a few of my favorite newborn sessions over the last few months. For more information on these special photography sessions in my Milwaukee studio, view my What To Expect During Newborn Sessions page. Or my Frequently Asked Questions.

experienced milwaukee newborn photographer. a baby girl is asleep in a sage green bucket, filled with light pink fabrics. her chin is resting on her arms, and she has a floral headband on. her toddler brother is sitting next to her in the bucket and smiling very big. he has sage green pants on with a white shirt, and blue sports coat.



Kellie did an amazing job on our newborn photos and captured beautiful photos of our baby and family that we will always cherish. She was quick to respond to our inquiry and made the whole process from scheduling to photo session to final photos as easy and seamless as possible. She made us all feel comfortable during the session and did an amazing job with our little guy. We will definitely be using Kellie for our future family photos and would highly recommend her! – Caitlin M.

It was such a pleasure doing business with Kellie. She didn’t feel like a stranger but someone you know for awhile. Very pleasant and courteous, open to ideas and great at what she does! She took some amazing shots, I am very pleased at my photos of my beautiful baby girl. I will definitely be doing business with her again. She was easy to communicate with as well and very responsive to emails. She has a cozy studio that’s warm and welcoming. She’s someone I won’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family. – Kathleen K.

Kellie did our newborn photos and we were so pleased with how they turned out! She was responsive to emails early on, had beautiful sets/scenes, headbands and outfits for us to choose from, and is very talented getting those “perfect poses!” She incorporated our preferences but had no problem taking charge when we asked her to, and had a quick turnaround in getting us our images. We would easily recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer, and hope to use her again in the future. Thanks, Kellie! 🙂 – Karen D.

Kellie was so amazing with my twin boys! It was their first picture session and she was so good and patient with them! I’m so glad I found her and was able to book my boys’ photos with her and the best part is the photos turned out AMAZING!! – Sykeshia T.

Newborn boy is wide awake in milwaukee photo studio. he's laying on his side on a cream colored fabric, with a cream and beige striped romper with big wood buttons. he has brown hair and is smiling.
Newborn baby boy is sleeping while swaddled in a cream blanket with one hand sticking out of it. he has a cream colored bonnet on with a light brown poofy fur on top.
newborn girl in milwaukee photography studio. newborn baby is wearing a light pink romper with a light pink bow headband. she's sleeping on her back onto of a white blanket with gold stars.
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