Newborn Session Prep Guide

Newborn Session Prep Guide

I can’t wait to meet you and your new little one at your upcoming newborn session! I hope you find this newborn session prep guide helpful! If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Milwaukee Studio

My Milwaukee studio where I do all of my newborn sessions, and is located at 2790 S. Fulton St. Milwaukee. It’s on a one way residential street, so feel free to park on either side.

I have a seating area with Netflix, light refreshments, and snacks for children and parents. If there are certain snacks or foods you wish to bring, feel free.

My Milwaukee studio is kept on the warmer side. I use a small heater for keeping baby warm in my photo room, as well as a white noise machine to help keep baby calm and sleepy.

Newborn sessions take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours depending on how cooperative baby is.

If chosen, I start the session with family shots using a neutral colored backdrop. Then, move onto sibling shots. Followed by, 2-3 solo “prop” shots of the newborn. Lastly, 2-3 more simple poses on a large beanbag covered with fabric. Newborns are typically swaddled in a colored wrap for family and sibling shots to keep baby cozy and warm while being moved around. If parent would rather have an outfit, please let me know at beginning of session.

Preparing and Session Tips

If possible, try to keep your newborn awake for an hour or more prior to your session. It helps to give your newborn a bath, to keep him/her awake.

Feed your newborn just before coming to the session. A full belly helps newborns stay asleep, and is KEY to achieving those sleepy poses.

Be prepared to feed your little one during your session! If your newborn is acting very unsettled I will ask you to feed him/her. I do not have a separate room to feed in. If you are breastfeeding and are more comfortable bringing a blanket or coverup to the session feel free. If you are formula feeding, please bring more formula than you think your baby will eat.

Please bring a pacifier along to the session EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE ONE! A pacifier is used while baby is in a pose to help calm and relax them. Kellie uses pacifiers when needed for such a short period of time it will not cause nipple confusion. Please no pacifiers that have small stuffed animals attached.

Client’s with older children may want to arrange the older child to be picked up by a Grandparent, or taken home by Dad after family and sibling shots are completed. Toddlers and older children may have a hard time sitting for the duration of the session, even with Netflix and toys.

Newborn “prop” outfits Kellie provides in the studio are tightly fitting and ideal for newborn photography. If you plan on bringing an outfit for your newborn from home, please remember most store bought outfits tend to be large and baggy on newborns. If outfits are too large, and get in the way of the newborn’s face they might not be used during the session.

Studio Polices

Kellie uses the floor space in her studio for backdrops and floordrops during her sessions. To help keep her floors clean and free of water/slush on inclement days Kellie will ask for parents to take their shoes off at the door.

To cut down on distractions in the studio please don’t bring additional guests outside of parents and the newborn’s siblings unless previously discussed. If you have an out of town guest who is hoping to come along, or a Grandparent who is coming in place of a parent please inform me ahead of time.

Please make sure you have ALL outfit pieces, and props if you plan on bringing any from home. The 1.5-2 hour session time goes quickly, and there is no time to run home or to a store to pick up forgotten items.

Please be respectful of time! Sometimes it can be challenging getting out of the door with your new little one. However, your session starts promptly as discussed prior to the session. Please treat it as if it’s a doctors appointment. If you are running more than 5 minutes late, please text or email me. Understand it is stated within contract, If client is more than 20 minutes late to their session with no notification I have the option to cancel the session with no refund of session fee.

Out of respect for other tenants within the building, please no excessively loud noises. While trying to get older siblings to look forward/at the camera during the few siblings shots I take, using a calm tone of voice or even their favorite song is better than yelling, or shouting. This can sometimes scare an older sibling.

newborn session prep guide. a newborn baby girl is sleeping in a floral bucket. her chin is resting on her arms and she has a knit pink bonnet on. the bucket is fulled with pink knits and fabric.


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